Thermi Eye

What is Thermi Eye?

Thermi Eye, also labelled ThermiSmooth, ThermiRF or ThermiSmooth Eye is an aesthetic procedure that uses radiofrequency (heat) energy to lift and tighten above the eye and reverse the effects of aging.

How does ThermiRF work?

ThermiRF is an in-office, painless, micro-invasive procedure. Treatment areas are numbed with a small quantity of local anesthetic. A small incision is created to allow the radiofrequency fiber under the skin. This fiber heats the targeted tissues in an effective, safe and controlled manner. This process tightens the skin and reduces lumpy fat deposits.

Thermismooth Eyes

ThermiSmooth for the eyes is a gentle heating technique that uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen remodelling. Though Waterfront Laser and Wellness has a variety of options available to address skin laxity, ThermiSmooth is the one we recommend to treat the sensitive eye area.

  • Gentle therapy for the sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Non-invasive, very safe with no downtime
How it Works

ThermiSmooth Eyes uses radiofrequency (RF) to target the appearance of aging skin by tightening and increasing the collagen production. When it comes to collagen production, heat is your friend! This unique treatment delivers RF heat to the deeper structures of the skin.

What to Expect

This is a very pleasant treatment with no downtime or discomfort. The treatment time is less than one hour.


The ThermiSmooth Eyes treatment stimulates skin tightening by the contraction and production of collagen in the sensitive eye area over a period of 3 months. Some patients have reported initial skin tightening immediately after the treatment. Results vary by person and skin laxity.

Recommended Sessions

We recommend 3 – 5 sessions every 2-4 weeks for optimal results and especially just before a special event for that bright eyed look.

Possible Downtime

Slight redness and puffiness around the eyes that should subside within the hour

Post Treatment Care

No necessary post care treatment