Dermal Fillers

Thin Lips

Lips are an amazing part of the human body. In fact, among all animal species, humans have the most pronounced lips in terms of the difference in color from the surrounding skin.

But you may be frustrated in your ability to show off your lips if they are thin. The good news is there are non-surgical lip augmentation treatments to make your lips fuller and plumber.

Dermal Fillers – The Great Anti-Aging Weapon

When deciding how old we think someone is, we first look at their face. Is their skin supple, plump and smooth? Or does it look gaunt and dull with wrinkles and creases?

There once wasn’t much a person could do to avoid these hallmark traits of aging. But then came along a host of what are now classified as “Dermal Fillers.” Portland Laser & Wellness offers a wide variety of dermal fillers (aka injectable fillers), each with a specific expertise in changing the appearance of your face and skin. And what’s more, these anti-aging treatments are very safe and have long-lasting results that can turn back time.

  • Juvederm Volbella – subtle and smooth. Lasts up to 12 months, used for subtle volume to lips or to smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines
  • Juvederm Ultra – most basic, last up to 12 months, can be used anywhere
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus – more dense, lasts up to 12 months, used mainly in cheeks and lower face
  • Juvederm Vollure – soften and add volume. Lasts up to 18 months. Used mainly for lower face and smile lines.
  • Juvederm Voluma – the longest lasting, up to 2 years, cannot be used in lips, mainly for deep volume restoration

We’ll discuss the advantages and benefits of each, along with any side effects and length of result.

Juvederm Ultra is also a hyaluronic-based dermal filler with similar abilities to that of Restylane. The Juvederm Ultra came out in 2006 and has been safely used thousands of times. Juvederm Ultra is of a smoother consistency than Restylane and thus makes for a better injectable for small wrinkles and smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds (those creases of skin that run from your nose to your mouth.)

Juvederm Ultra Plus is designed to work wonders on filling in deeper wrinkles and folds on the face. Juvederm Ultra Plus’s thicker consistency also makes it good for creating full lips and restoring cheek volume.

Juvederm Voluma ™ XC injectable gel was created to be THE tool in the fight to restore age-related volume loss in your cheeks and mid-face. With its hyaluronic acid formula, Voluma ™ XC can bring back the fullness in your cheeks.