Aging Hands

A person’s hands are one of the most age-revealing features of our body. What do your hands say about you? Is your skin smooth, glowing and uniform in color? Or are they dry, with age spots and protruding veins? While makeup can certainly hide some of the signs of aging, there are other treatments than take it one step further.

Dermal Fillers such as Radiesse can restore volume and plump to your hands. Radiesse also creates a foundation for restoration of lost collagen levels.

Photo rejuvenation: This non-invasive process can help reduce or eliminate skin pigmentation issues such as age spots or liver spots.

PRP Therapy is an innovative process whereby your blood plasma gets enriched with your own concentrated platelets. This can have a dramatic effect on healing your hands.

Portland Laser & Wellness offers a couple of different options for helping with your aging hands: